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Identity Theft Lawyers in Houston, TX

More than nine million people a year are victims of identity theft. While credit card fraud is the primary form of identity theft, criminals are constantly finding ways to steal your identity and money. Our identity theft lawyers in Houston, TX, take decisive action to protect your rights. By providing zealous representation and exceptional legal services, we help you reclaim your reputation and safeguard your assets.

Accomplished Identity Theft Attorneys

It takes an experienced identity fraud lawyer to prevent thieves from causing you financial ruin. As accomplished identity theft lawyers, we have years of experience in the legal field. At the Law Office of Russell Van Beustring P.C., we have successfully helped victims of identity theft take a stand against injustice. If your credit score is damaged or your finances are in jeopardy, allow us to restore your credit again.


Lawyers for Identity Theft Explain How It Happens

Fraud existed long before the invention of computers. However, now that financial records and personal information are electronically stored, there are countless opportunities for thieves to steal. As lawyers for identity theft, we understand all of the ways this can happen. Today, criminals can steal your money and identity through all of the following:

 Internet "Phishing" Scams
 Electronic Records
 Direct Theft
 Email & Internet Accounts
 Postal Mail
 Rummaging through Trash


Woman on Computer - Identity Theft Lawyers

Experienced Identity Fraud Lawyers

For more than 23 years, our attorney for identity theft has helped individuals reclaim their identities. We are highly skilled at bringing normalcy back to your life when your identity has been stolen and your credit compromised. Some of the signs that indicate you may be a victim of identity theft include:

 New accounts show up on your credit report.
 Your bank or credit card account is flagged.
 You have unauthorized charges on your credit card.
 Debt collectors are calling.
 Extra bills appear in the mail or Your mail is missing.
 You receive a credit card in the mail.
 You find errors on your Social Security statement.
 You're denied a loan or new credit card.

Why You Need an Attorney for Identity Theft

Disputing frivolous charges or more serious allegations is stressful, time consuming, and overwhelming. You need lawyers for identity theft that know the most effective ways to defend you. Without legal assistance, you may have long-term problems with your credit. Depend on our attorney for reliable and aggressive legal defense.

Contact us for a confidential consultation if you notice new accounts on your credit report. We proudly serve individuals
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