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Business Bankruptcy Lawyers in Houston, TX

Have your business expenses and debts become unmanageable? If you are out of options, depend on our business bankruptcy lawyers in Houston, TX, for feasible and effective solutions. At the Law Office of Russell Van Beustring P.C., we determine the best bankruptcy filing method to use to return you to sound financing solvency again. Depending on your business and qualifying conditions, you may be able to file for Chapter 7, 11, or 13 bankruptcy.

Business Bankruptcy Lawyer

You take your business seriously, and so do we. Starting and running a business is not easy. One wrong decision can significantly impact the financial standing of your business. Fortunately, there are legal options when you're struggling with debt. Our business bankruptcy lawyer has been filing bankruptcy for business owners for more than 23 years. Business owners have several options if bankruptcy is needed.


Reasons for Business Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Wipe out your business debts through business Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This is an excellent option if you are a sole proprietor of your business. After the bankruptcy is discharged, you can continue to operate your business debt-free. However, if you own an LLC, corporation, or partnership, Chapter 7 is a fast and simple solution if you need to close down and liquidate your business.

Business People - Business Bankruptcy Lawyers

Protect Your Future with Business Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Save your company from shutting its doors with business Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Filing for this type of bankruptcy allows you to restructure your business debts and continue to operate throughout the process. Since it is an exceedingly complex process, you need our business bankruptcy lawyers to help you navigate through the paperwork and court system.


File for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Although Chapter 13 is primarily used for individuals, it is also appropriate for sole proprietorships. By creating a repayment plan, your business can pay back debts and financial obligations while remaining in good standing with your creditors. In addition, if there are personal assets attached to your business assets, our business bankruptcy attorneys help you avoid calamities such as losing a house.

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